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To rank the search engines you are going to need links and for competitive keywords, you are going to need many of them. The top search engines decided that the more links go to your website the more popular your website is, thus is more relevant to the users searching on Google. There are three important things to keep in mind when building links: The type of link, the location and the target and anchor text of the link.

Creating The Right Type of Link

When creating your link you want to make sure it is the right type of link. There are several types of links: One-way, two-way, three-way and the in depth four-way link.

The most important link to create is a one-way link. Google loves this type of backlink because it believes that this shows your popularity. A one-way link looks like it gets nothing in return, therefore just linking because of the quality of the website and making your website look good to the search engines. Well, the catch is that, getting a one-way link is very difficult. Many websites WILL want something in return, whether its money, another link from a different website, or other services. The best way to create this sort of link is to find free directories or websites that allow submissions or postings of links. Many link building services post comments or forum posts with a link back to the website, creating one-way links.

Second type of backlink is the two-way which is NOT a good way to generate links. This type of linking used to work several years ago, where you would create a link to a different website with the agreement that the other website links back to you, thus helping both websites. The problem was that too many websites started doing this and the search engines caught up to the rank manipulation strategy. Now you can forget these types of links. Out of this issue, three-way linking was born.

Three-way linking is a way to trick the search engines once again, where you and a different website have an understanding. Basically what happens is, you link to a website with the agreement that the webmaster of that website will link to you from one of his other websites. This works when the linking happens in a straight order and by not linking back to a website that links to you. The only problem is that one website will have no links out of this procedure, making that website a pretty week website.

The four-way linking works pretty well at the moment. The search engines don’t have the patience to look that far and a four-way link can still be natural. Look at it as a square, with each corner being a website and the lines being links. As long as you don’t link back to a website and just keep linking to the next one, the fourth website can link back to the first one and everybody will be happy. This is a strong way of linking, since all four websites get something out of it.

The Backlink Location

Now, after finding the right type of link you want to build, it is important to find the right website to put it on. Since search engines rank the pages and no the websites, you want to be sure that the page your link is going to be placed in is a good page with good traffic and search engine recognition. See, if the link to your website is coming from a bad website, Google will think your website is bad too which results in less search engine recognition.

1. First, analyze the website your link will be placed on. Find out if it is ranked high for its keywords, domain name, and title. Find out the websites page rank, a formula invented by the Google founders, which will determine how good a website is to the search engines.

2. Then try counting the outgoing links of that website. The less links are on the page that yours is placed on, the better yours looks.

3. Is the page related to your business? Read the content on the page and remember that the search engines will relate that page to your website and if it’s off topic, it is less powerful.

4. Is there a lot of traffic going to that page? Placing a link on a page with a lot of traffic does not only look good to the search engines but may also result in free traffic from that site.

5. If all factors turn out positive, the that website is a good site to place your backlink on.

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